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The purpose of the Division II Game Environment Recognition Program is to help create a campus wide discussion on game environment and identify areas for improvement. There is an expectation that participating members will self-administer and supervise their game environment and their initiatives related to it.

The following steps are offered as a recommended process for each school to begin and maintain a positive game environment.

» Step 1: To qualify for a Division II Game Environment banner, a member school's president and director of athletics must acknowledge that the institution has considered these questions related to a positive game environment on its campus. Download/View Assessment Questions

» Step 2: Develop a plan for your campus and include all staff involved; athletics, bands, cheer, security, concessions, parking, and any others appropriate to your initiative.

» Step 3: Use the resources available on the Division II community website.

Here are a few examples:

» Step 4: Conduct your evaluation meeting(s).

» Step 5: Complete and submit a request for your Division II Recognition Banner.

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